Dear Firehouse 51 community

February 14, 2022

It’s Valentine’s Day and we are feeling the love

Firehouse 51 Brewing Co would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the people that have shown so much support to us in the lead up to our launch!
We are overwhelmed by everyone who has shared, liked, spread the word about FH51 and reached out to us.

FH51 is owned and operated by one-man, Haz, a current career Firefighter.
For Haz, Firehouse 51 is a passion project that aims to support the emergency services community.
FH51 is still finding it’s feet – But it is true that it takes a village to raise a child (or in our case, a brewing company) – We would like to thank the following people who have been integral to getting us to this stage of being able to launch Firehouse 51 Brewing Co.

Jessie Jungalwalla and the team at Craft Instinct
Jessie believed in Firehouse 51 when it was still in the ideation phase, the causes we support and gave us the opportunity of a lifetime.
You have taught me so much, have believed in me and kept me inspired along the whole way!
You are making massive waves in the brewing community and we will strive to do the same.
Thanks to your entire team for all our designs – we can’t wait for the world to see them :).

My Firefighting Colleagues/Family
Thanks for lending me your ears, offering your support and pushing me to keep this dream alive to support our community.

This man has labelled himself FH51’s biggest cheerleader and it’s definitely true.
The amount of time that Kiel has invested into FH51 is unbelievable, he is one of our biggest supporters.
A lot of our early success comes from this man.

Ash Boland from Playground Media
Thanks for always being there for me and being a wealth of knowledge throughout my start-up process.

Thanks for all of the late nights in creating the amazing website

Thanks for your accounting/business/financial advice and bringing me up to speed with the financial side of running a business.

A special thanks to the following craft beer companies for answering so many of my phone calls, teaching me everything I know about brewing and guiding me every step of the way.

  • Bentspoke Brewery
  • Bonza Brewing
  • Zythology Brewing Co
  • Old Wives Ale.Vemon Brewing Co
  • The entire team at Burnley Brewing

A very special thank you to Michael and the team for looking after us through our first end-to-end brewing process.

Oli and Dom from Kegland
Without you two, I would still be sitting in my garage with my tiny home-brew set up.
Your passion for brewing is so inspiring and has pushed me to try new things.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me, without you I would have had many failed batches and quit brewing a long time ago.
I am so appreciative for the many, many hours you’ve spent explaining to me how things work, tasting trials and pointing me in the right direction.

Matt (Nev)
Thanks for being by my side since day 1, introducing me to the crazy world of craft beer.
Thanks for drinking all of my “first attempt” home brews, offering me course-correction advice, and answering my many questions.
Here’s to many more beers together.

Finally, the backbone of the whole operation – Mrs Firehouse 51
Behind every successful man there is a woman that is holding down the fort. FH51 would not be here today without you.
Grace effortlessly takes my passionate rambles and crafts them into business plans, spreadsheets and social media posts.
She keeps the world spinning while I spend all day doing “beer stuff” – I wouldn’t be able to navigate through life without you!

Strap in Firehouse family. This is only the beginning.
Time to get to work and make this world a better place one beer at a time.