Gold medal winner

May 30, 2022

Last week at the Australian International Beer Awards FH51 won Gold for Best International Style Pale Ale: American Pale Ale.

This is an incredible achievement in the brewing industry, having our beer judged in blind tastings by some of the world’s best judges.

Any brewery in the world can enter this competition, so we are super chuffed to come away with a placing – especially considering that this is the first-ever beer competition we’ve entered and it’s our first year of production!

This is a team victory and we wouldn’t be in this position without the support of an incredible crew backing us!
A special thanks to:

  • The FH51 family and Firefighting community who helped us with lots of taste-testing and feedback in the early stages; and then purchasing our first batch, selling out within a week.
  • Burnley Brewing: Thanks so much for guiding us through brewing our award-winning Pale Ale! It’s been great to be hands-on during the process and have the professional support of your team throughout both our brews.
  • Our close group of Brewing Industry Professionals who’ve picked up the phone to help out with every question, troubleshooting and guidance along the way.
  • Thanks to every stockist and venue for stocking our beers.
  • Lastly, a big thanks to Craft Instinct and their Brew Rocket Grant. With their support, our can designs really stand out and incorporate our messaging of inclusiveness and community focus.
    We’re just at the start of our journey and we’re looking forward to expanding our range – hopefully backing up this awesome achievement next year!

Check out our current list of stockists to get your hands on our now award-winning beer!